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Fire Protection & Safety Equipment

We are one of the eminent manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of Fire Extinguishers, Security & Safety Equipment and Appliances. These are manufactured using quality raw material that is procured from reliable vendors of the market. Extensively used in malls, hospitals, offices as well as in industries; these are widely appreciated for their water resistance, longer service life and availability in manual as well as in auto options. Further these can also customize as per the specifications laid by our clients.


Security EquipmentGet Quotation
Security Equipment

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Security Equipments.

Alcohol Breathe Detector, Breath Alcohol Analyzer, Magnetic Baton Light,
Police Baton Light, Rechargeable Baton Light, Stop Go Board,
Binoculars Day & Night Vision, Bomb Suppression Blanket & Safety Circle,
Bullet Proof Morcha Shield, Riot Body Protector, Riot Shield,
Riot Helmet with Visor, Polycarbonate Lathi, Steel Baton,
Telescopic Extension Mirror, Under Vehicle Search Mirror,
Inspection Mirror, Dog Leg Mirror, Overhead Search ST. Rod Mirror,
Portable Road Block, Wheel Lock.

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Electric SirenGet Quotation
Electric Siren :
Electrically Operated Sirens :
  • These are available in single phase and capable of being heard up to the range of 3.25 kms and also available in three-phase audible up to 16 kms.

Battery Operated Sirens :
  • These are used in Ambulance, Fire Tender, Police Jeeps, Cars, Trucks, Banks, Ships, etc. These are available in 6V, 12V, and 24 Volts. These Sirens have audible range of 1 km, 1.5 kms and 3.25 kms.
Hand Operated Sirens : 
  • We offer this Siren in 2 models, wall mounting and floor mounting. These are used in Construction Areas, Quarries, Troop Training Ground,   Maneuvers, Catastrophes, Camps, Skiing Ground, Schools, Mines, etc. These Sirens are audible at a range of 0.5 kms, 1 kms and 1.5.

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Revolving LightGet Quotation
Revolving Light:

VIP Car Revolving Lights

Emergency Light Bars


Police Vehicle Bar Lights

Mini Emergency Bar Lights

Police Sirens

LED Vehicle Lights

Ambulance Revolving Lights

 LED light Bar

Ambulance Van Bar Lights

PA amplifiers

Ambulance Sirens

Siren for Vehicles

Ambulance Flashers

Siren Amplifiers 

Police Vehicle Head Message Boards

Revolving Lights

Salem city traffic police LED Board

Ambulance side squire Blinkers

Highway Patrol

 360 Degree Revolving Search Light

Toll Gate Patrol

 Motor Cycle Revolving Light
Police Baton Light  Motor Cycle Siren
Police Search light
  Motor Cycle Amplifier

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Road ProtectionGet Quotation
Traffic Cone & Bollard :
  • Traffic cone. 
  • Traffic cone with Connector.
  • Message Cone.
  • Solar Cone.
  • Collapsible Cone.
  • Retractable Cone.
  • Rubber Cone.
  • Metal Delineator.
  • PVC Delineator.
  • Spring Post.
  • Metal Bollard.
  • Plastic Bollard.
  • PVC Barrier. 
  • PVC Barrier with Stand.
  • Bull Nose Barrier.
  • Water Barrier.
  • Water filled Barrier.
  • Roto Barrier.
  • Metal Barrier.
  • Expandable Barrier.
Speed Breakers :
  • Wall Guard.
  • Garage Wall Guard.
  • Wall Protector.
  • Chevron Wall Guard.
  • Corner Guard.
  • Vheel Stopper.
  • ABS Speed Breaker.
  • Rubber Speed Breaker.
  • Road Rumbler.
Road Stud :
  • ABS plastic Road Studs.
  • Aluminium Road Studs.
  • Peli Stud.
  • Parking Studs.
  • Park Studs.
  • Solar Road Studs.
  • Madian Marker.
  • Wall Reflector.
  • Linear Delineation System.
Road Sign Boards :
  • Cautionary Sign Boards.
  • Informatory Sign Boards.
  • Mandatory Sign Boards.
  • Chevron Sign Boards.
  • Cantilever Sign Boards.
  • Over Head Gantry Sign Boards.
  • LED Sign Boards.
  • Floor Boards.
Traffic Signal :
  • Road Signal Light - Vertical.
  • Road Signal Light - Horizontal.
  • LED Road sign Boards.
  • Solar Blinker Light.
  • Road Flasher Light.
  • Over Head Signal Light.
  • Toll Gate Signal Light.
  • Pedestrian Signal Light.
  • Cross Arrow Signal Light.
  • Cownt Down Light.
  • Solar Checvraon Light.

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Housekeeping ProductsGet Quotation

Housekeeping Products Range : :

Industrial bins Solid bins
Perforated bins Pedal bins
Waste paper basket Push bins
Waste receptacle Ash tray bins
Litter receptacle Swing bins
Trash can Trash bin
Trash barrel Rubbish bins
Garbage can Refuse bin
Container bin
Litter bin

Stainless Steel Dustbin :
  • Stainless Steel Pedal Dustbin.
  • Stainless SteelPerforated Pedal Dustbin.
  • Stainless SteelPerforated Waste basket.
  • Stainless Steel Ashtray Dustbin.
  • Stainless Steel Push Can dustbin.
  • Stainless Steel Airport Dustbin.
  • Stainless Steel Swing Dustbin.
  • Stainless Steel Planter Bin.

Plastic Dustbin :

  • Plastic Kitchen Dustbin.
  • Plastic Litter Dustbin.
  • Plastic Foot operated Dustbin.
  • Plastic Bio Medical Waste Dustbin.
  • Plastic Garbage Dustbin.
  • Plastic Wheeled Mobile Garbage Dustbin.
  • Plastic Outdoor Dustbin.
  • Plastic Municipal Dustbin.

FRP Dustbin / Animation Dustbin :

  • FRP Monkey Dustbin.
  • FRP Bear dustbin.
  • FRP Dolphin dustbin.
  • FRP Cowboy Dustbin.
  • FRP Baby dustbin.
  • FRP Fish dustbin.
  • FRP Penguin Dustbin.
  • FRP Drum Dustbin.
  • FRP Tommy Dustbin.
  • FRP Ice cream Dustbin.
  • FRP Tree Dustbin.
  • FRP Rabbit Dustbin Big size.
  • FRP Rabbit Dustbin Small size.

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Traffic Signal LightsGet Quotation
Traffic Signal Lights

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Traffic Signal Lights.
  • Traffic Signal. 
  • Traffic Blinkers.
  • Pedestrian signal.
  • Cown Down Signal.
  • Direction Signal.
  • STOP Signal.
  • Prohibition Signal.

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Covid 19Get Quotation
COVID - 19

N 95 Mask
Floor marking Tapes
Face Shield
Reflective Jackets
Hand Gloves
Non oven face mask
Sprayer Can
Non oven shoe cover

Soap Paper




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Hand ProtectionGet Quotation
 Hand Protection

We are a well-known Hand Protection Gloves Manufacturer and Suppliers. The Hand Protection Gloves collection of ours comes in a wide range of options to choose from. As well, Hand Protection Gloves can be availed in different specifications from us. We provide high-quality Hand Protection Gloves at affordable prices to the clients.

  • Leather Hand Gloves.
  • PVC Hand Gloves.
  • Rubber Hand Gloves.
  • Nitrile Hand Gloves.
  • Cotton Hand Gloves.
  • Knitted Hand Gloves.
  • Canvase Hand Gloves.
  • Cut Proof Hand Gloves.
  • Heat Proof Hand Gloves.
  • Nylon Hand Gloves.
  • Disposable Hand Gloves.

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Emergency LightGet Quotation

Emergency Light
With our 26 years of experience, we are counted among the top most manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of Emergency Lights. In our range, we offer Emergency Light With Exit, Emergency Light Hi Lite (36w Clf), Emergency Light Led Search Light, Emergency Daze Light, Emergency Dura Light, Exit Signage, Flying Insect Killers, Aviation Lights, Insect Killer and Lazer Exit Signage. We are assisted by the highly qualified and experienced professionals, who allow to offer the product as per the specific requirement of our customers. Owing to their outstanding features like energy efficiency and reliable performance, these have become the first choice of our esteemed customers.

Our Emergency Lights are manufactured by the team of professionals, who use superior quality materials. We are also backed by technologically advanced machines & tools that helps in meeting the required specifications of our esteemed customers. The offered range is tested on defined quality parameters at each and every stage, right from the deployment of raw materials to the final dispatch of the packed products. These products are widely demanded in Residential as well as Commercial Sectors for their features like easy operations & installation, longer life, high efficiency and shock proof properties. We are equipped with spacious and sound warehousing unit, which is used to keep the products safely, till these are delivered to the customers.

  • Emergency Light Double Dome.
  • Emergency Light  Single Dome.
  • Emergency Light Double Dome with exit sign.


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Safety EquipmentsGet Quotation

Safety Equipments

  • Safety Belt
  • Self Retractable Life Lines
  • Cable Fall Arresters
  • Rope Ladder
  • Ladder
  • Windsack Indicator
  • Lock out
  • Tag out

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Metal DetectorGet Quotation

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Metal Detectors.

  • Hand Held Metal Detector.
  • Super Scanner.
  • Mini Metal Detector.

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Chemical Splash ProtectionGet Quotation
Chemical Splash Protection

Manufacturer and exporter of Eye Wash Fountains, Emergency Eye Wash Fountains.
Eye Wash Showers, Eye Wash Safety Showers, Eye Wash Nozzles, Drench Showers.
Portable Eye Wash And Industrial Safety Showers.

Products :

  • Eye Wash Fountain.
  • Eye Wash Shower.
  • Eye Wash Fountain with Shower.
  • Eye Wash Fountain Wall Mounted.
  • Eye Wash Station.
  • Eye Wash Bottle.
  • Eye Wash cup.
  • Goggles.
  • Spectacles.
  • Panorama Glass.
  • Punk Glass.

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Fire ProtectionGet Quotation

Fire Extinguisher

We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of a comprehensive
range of Fire Extinguishers ISI Mark - Portable, Trolley, Automatic  &
Flooding Systems. These are available in varied capacities to suit the
diverse requirements of our clients. Offered in portable as well as trolley types.

  • Class A 

Extinguishers are for ordinary combustible materials such as paper, wood, cardboard, 
and most plastics. The numerical rating on these types of extinguishers indicates the 
amount of water it holds and the amount of fire it can extinguish.
Geometric symbol  ( GREEN TRIANGLE )

  • Class B

 Fires involve flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline, kerosene,
grease and oil. The numerical rating for class B extinguishers indicates the
approximate number of square feet of fire it can extinguish.
Geometric symbol  ( RED SQUARE )

  • Class C 

Fires involve electrical equipment, such as appliances, wiring, circuit breakers
and outlets. Never use water to extinguish class C fires - the risk of electrical shock
is far too great! Class C extinguishers do not have a numerical rating.
The C classification means the extinguishing agent is non-conductive.
Geometric symbol  ( BLUE CIRCLE )

  • Class D 

fire extinguishers are commonly found in a chemical laboratory. They are for fires that involve combustible metals, such as magnesium, titanium, potassium and sodium. These types of extinguishers also have no numerical rating, nor are they given a multi-purpose rating - they are designed for class D fires only. 
Geometric symbol   ( YELLOW DECAGON )

  • Class K

fire extinguishers are for fires that involve cooking oils, trans-fats, or fats in
cooking appliances and are typically found in restaurant and cafeteria kitchens.
Geometric symbol  ( BLACK HEXAGON )


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SearchlightGet Quotation


Searchlights are powerful lighting equipment that makes use of a series of reflectors to create a beam of light that can be precisely trained in a given direction. Developed in the late 19th century, the search light has been utilised in military operations, recovery projects, and even in advertising and entertainment endeavours. Once available only in stationary models, search lights of today are constructed with a series of swivel mechanisms that help to make the device ideal for a wide range of applications.

  • Dragon Search Light.
  • LED Search Light.
  • Motorised Search Light.

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Crowd ProtectionGet Quotation
Q Manager

Wherever people and space come together, there comes the need for Q-Manager. Think of any place like hotel, cinema hall, bank, mall, airport or any retail store, you'll need something to manage the crowd and space, together. Q-manager products have filtered through into almost every avenue of life. We're one of the fastest growing industries offering the best solutions which contribute towards people and space management resulting in an organized work environment.

Q-Manager stands out of the crowd as trendsetters in people management while our products manage the crowd.  So now whenever  you  think of  a  queue.

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Speed BreakersGet Quotation
We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Speed Breakers.

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Body ProtectionGet Quotation
Body Protection

We are offering a wide range of uniforms that is manufactured utilizing quality fabric. These are extensively used in the high heated areas like factories to protect the wearer from heat and fire. Being light in weight, these are very much comfortable while wearing.

Types of uniforms, we are offering:

  • Boiler suits
  • Fire entry proximity suits
  • PVC suits
  • Industrial overall
  • Aprons - PVC, Leather, Rubber, Asbestos, Rexine, Drill Cotton, Disposable
  • Industrial uniforms & official uniforms

All apron sizes available :

  • 24” x 36”
  • 24” x 48”
  • 36” x 48”

NB: special sizes also available on request.

PVC suit with hood :

  • Pant
  • Coat
  • Hood

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Road BarriersGet Quotation
Road Barriers :

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Barriers.

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Emergency EquipmentsGet Quotation

Emergency Equipments

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of First Aid Box, First Aid Pouch, Metal First Aid Box, First Aid Kit, First Aid Cabinet with Glass Door that is provided with the all the requisite medicines. These kits help in handling any emergency situation such as unexpected accident, illness, injury. Available in various sizes like Small, Medium, Large; these are suitable for keeping in offices, buses, cars, ships, airports and others.

First Aid Boxes are available in following Types :

  • First Aid Pouch
  • First Aid  Kit
  • First Aid Box Small
  • First Aid Box Medium
  • First Aid Box Large
  • First Aid Cabinet with Glass Door
  • First Aid Box - Car/ Bus/ Railway/ Air Service/ Ship
  • First Aid Box Transprant plastic

NB : First aid box are manufactured as per st.john ambulance specification. 
        We used reputed company materials only.

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Breathing ApparatusGet Quotation
Breathing Apparatus

  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • Resuscitator
  • Oxy pac

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Reflective DressGet Quotation
Reflective Jackets
We provide high quality and excellent array of Reflective Safety Jackets, high visibility Safety Vest, Traffic Safety Vests, etc. These Reflective Jackets make individual easily visible at all time of day and night thus ensure safety.

Features :
  • Highly reflective.
  • Customized jackets are available with logo.
  • Available in fluorescent orange, yellow and green.
  • High visibility due to bright color.
  • Durable.
  • Light weight.
  • Perfect stitch.
  • Excellent finish.
  • Comfortable to wear.

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Foot ProtectionGet Quotation
 Industrial Shoes :

In order to provide protect the feet under extreme working conditions, we are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Foot Protection Shoes. To manufacture these, we make use of quality material that is resistant to shocks, abrasion, oil, heat, chemicals and other hazardous external elements. Further, these shoes are offered in varied sizes to meet the diverse requirements of the clients.

Types of shoes:
  • Leather Shoe with Steel Toe - PVC Sole & PU Sole.
  • Leather Shoe with Steel Toe - Derby Type - PVC Sole & PU Sole.
  • Leather Shoe with Steel Toe - Ankle Type - PVC Sole & PU Sole.
  • Hunter Shoe with Steel Toe - Rubber Sole.
  • Gum Boot With Toe & without Toe - Rubber Sole & PVC Sole.

Shoe sizes available :

6 Inch, 7 Inch, 8 Inch, 9 Inch, 10 Inch, 11 Inch & 12 Inch (On Request).

Sole Available :
  • PVC sole.
  • PU sole.
  • Rubber Sole.
  • Nitrile Sole.

NB : With out steel toe shoes are available for official purpose. Disposable Shoe Covers also available.

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Road StudGet Quotation
Road studs

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Road Studs:-
  • ABS Plastic Road Studs.
  • Aluminium Road Studs.
  • Solar Road Studs.
  • Parking Road Studs.

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Warning TapeGet Quotation
Warning Tapes :

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Floor Marking Tapes.

Tapes Available :

  • Barricade Tapes 
  • Reflective Tapes
  • Anti slip floor Tapes
  • Under Ground Warning Tapes
  • Pipe Line Warning Tapes
  • Vehicle Conspicuity Marking Tapes
  • Zeebra Cross Floor Marking Tapes
  • Floor Marking Tapes
  • Reflective Vehicle Tapes
  • Night Glow Tape
  • Detectable Under Ground Warning Tapes
  • Under Ground Warning Mesh Tapes

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Fire BlanketGet Quotation
Fire Blanket

We manufacture and supplier of Fire Blankets like Aluminium Fire Blanket, Fiberglass Fire Blanket, Welding Fire Blanket welding fire blanket, fibre glass blanket, hospital thermal blankets and many more that are widely used for covering and protecting materials from welding splatters, hospital purposes and allied areas. We offer aluminized blanket, fibre glass blanket and thermal blankets that are manufactured using premium grade raw material that is procured from the reliable and established vendors. These fire blankets are effective and durable and ensure safety to the users.

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Solar ProductsGet Quotation
Solar Products:
  • Solar Road Studs.
  • Solar Blinkers.
  • Solar Traffic Cone.
  • Solar LED Road Sign Boards.
  • Solar Flashers.
  • Solar Traffic Signal.

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Head ProtectionGet Quotation
Head Protection

We are engaged in trading and supplying a wide gamut of Safety Helmet to the clients. Our offered range is manufactured by our reliable vendors using premium quality raw material and advanced technology. Acclaimed for their comfort ability, light weight and fashionable appearance, these are acknowledged among clients all across the globe. In addition to this, clients can avail the offered products from us in different models and colors as per their varied demands.
  • Industrial Safety Helmet 
  • Labour Helmet
  • Load Carrier Helmet
  • Rider Helmet

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Burglar Alarm SystemGet Quotation

Burglar Alarm System :

Who Needs It ?

  • Residential Market :  
  • Every apartment, house and farm house needs our products to protect
  •  the property and more importantly the lives of the people living there.
  •  Many builders and developers are offering apartments and villas with our
  •  products pre-fitted as a part of a total security solution.
  • Commercial Market : 
  • Every shop and showroom needs to protect their stock in the shop when the                                                        shop is locked, since only padlocks are not sufficient and locks have failed                                                      to stop the burglars so far. Many new retail chains are installing our products                                                   in all outlets across the country.
  • Industrial Market :
  • All industrial units need our product for the safety and protection of stock and 
  • machinery and a large number of them are already using our products.
  • Corporate Market :
  • All offices of any kind have demand for our products.
  • Banking Market :
  • It is mandatory for banks to install our products in each branch and there is a
  •  huge number of bank branches coming up across India. Banks also have a fixed 
  • period after which they re-install new systems in all branches.
  • Institutional Market :
  • Our products being used by a number of educational, government, religious, 
  • medical and other institutions and there is a growing demand for                                                                       our products in this segment.


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Self Defense ProtectionGet Quotation
Self Defense Products:
  • Pepper Spray.
  • Chilly Spray.
  • Stun Gun.
  • Steel Baton.
  • Personal Alarm.
  • Key Chain Alarm.

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Safety PosterGet Quotation
Safety Posters:
  • Safety Posters - ENGLISH. 
  • Safety Posters - TAMIL.
  • Safety Posters - HINDHI.
  • Safety Posters - ALL LANGUAGES - ON REQUEST.

Categories :
  1. Auditorium Safety Posters.
  2. Aviation Safety Posters.
  3. Canteen Safety Posters.
  4. Chemical Safety Posters.
  5. Children Safety Posters.
  6. College Safety Posters.
  7. Construction Safety Posters.
  8. Crane Safety Posters.
  9. Customer Care Posters.
  10. Electrical Safety Posters.
  11. Environment Safety Posters.
  12. Ergonomics in Work Place Posters.
  13. Fire Safety Posters.
  14. First Aid Posters.
  15. Fork Lift Safety Posters.
  16. ISO Posters.
  17. Hand Signal Posters.
  18. Hospital Safety Posters.
  19. Hotel Safety Posters.
  20. Industrial Safety Posters.
  21. Internet Safety Posters.
  22. Janitorial Safety Posters.
  23. Kitchen Safety Posters.
  24. Lab Safety Posters.
  25. Ladder Safety Posters.
  26. MEWP Safety Posters.
  27. Personal Hygiene Posters.
  28. Personal Protective Equipments Posters.
  29. Quality First Posters.
  30. Quit Smoking Posters.
  31. Road Safety Posters.
  32. Safety Signs Posters.
  33. Safety Slogans Posters.
  34. School Safety Posters.
  35. Shopping Mall Safety Posters.
  36. Success Posters.
  37. Transportation Safety Posters.
  38. Ware House Safety Posters.
  39. Water Safety Posters.
  40. Welding Safety Posters.
  41. Work at Height Safety Posters.
  42. Work Place Safety Posters.

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Photoluminescent ProductsGet Quotation
Glow in Dark Products

Photoluminescent Pigmemts  Photoluminescent Vinyl Sheet 
Photoluminescent Tape Photoluminescent & Reflective Tape 
Photoluminescent Step Grips Tape Photoluminescent Sign Boards
Photoluminescent Ceramic Tiles Photoluminescent Pebble Tiles  ( 3 - Color )
Photoluminescent Marble Photoluminescent Road Stud
Photoluminescent Glass Mosaic Tiles Photoluminescent Photo Paper
Photoluminescent Thread Photoluminescent Rope
Photoluminescent Fabrics Photoluminescent Safety Vest
Photoluminescent Stones Photoluminescent Pebbles
Photoluminescent Beads Photoluminescent Sand
Photoluminescent Master Batch Photoluminescent Shoe Lace
Photoluminescent Silicon Hand Band Photoluminescent Helmet
Photoluminescent statues Photoluminescent sticks &Photoluminescent Sky Murals

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Road Safety MirrorGet Quotation
Traffic Convex Mirror

We have Convex Mirrors many Sizes. Our Convex Mirrors are made of Poly carbonate materials. This material is unbreakable.

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Forestry ToolsGet Quotation
Forestry Tools

Forest Department Tools
  • Wooden Pegs
  • Altimeter Equipment
  • Survey Arrows
  • Handheld Wind Meter
  • Celestron Power Seeker
  • Auger Drill
  • Suunto Clino Meter
  • Placom Digital Plani Meter
  • Meshurement Tape
  • Prismatic Compass With Stand
  • 50cm Caliper
  • Brunton Nomad Compass
  • Cross Staff
  • Abney Level
  • Chain Saw
  • Brush Cutter
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Hose Reel
  • Fire Hook
  • Fire Beater
  • Grass Sword
  • Grass Shear
  • Hedge Shears
  • Sfety Shoes
  • Flash Lights
  • Head Lamp
  • Electrical Siren
  • Hand operated Siren
  • PP Rope
  • Goggles
  • Dust Mask
  • Hand Gloves
  • Reflective Jackets
  • Emergency Escape Breathing Device
  • GPS
  • Binoculars
  • Densio Meter
  • Clino Meters
  • Haga Alti Meter
  • Spiegel Relaskop
  • Compass
  • Munsell Color Chart
  • Kestrel Weather Meter
  • Sporting Scopes
  • Outdoor Gear
  • Increment Borers
  • Nikon Hypso Meterf
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Thermo Hygro Meter

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Electrical ProtectionGet Quotation
Electrical Protection Equipment
  • First Aid Box.
  • Breathing Apparatus.
  • Artificial Resuscitators
  • Electrical Hand Gloves. 
  • Electrical Safety Shoes.
  • FRP Ladders.
  • HT Discharge Rod.
  • LT Discharge Rod.
  • Spark Arrestor.
  • Electrical Rubber Mat.
  • Lock Out & Tag Out.
  • Barricade Tape.
  • Electrical Hazard Signs.

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Training ProgramsGet Quotation
  • Fire Mock Drill
  • Fire Protection. 
  • Rescue.
  • Operation of Fire Extinguishers.
  • Operation of Fire Hydrant.
  • Evacuation Training.
  • First Aid Training.

Topic of the Training :
  • Basic Fire Safety.
  • Advance Fire Safety.
  • Basic Life Support and First Aid Skills.
  • Advanced Life Support CPR .
  • Evacuation and Mock Drills.
  • Occupational Health and Safety.
  • General Safety Awareness.
  • SCBA and Rescue Training.
  • Basic Chemical Safety.
  • Basic Electrical Safety.
  • Road Safety.
  • Driver Safety.
  • Women Safety and Security.

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Fire Safety ConsultantsGet Quotation
Fire Safety Consultants

We can help you to :
  • Save Money.
  • Fulfil your legal obligations.
  • Provide a fire safe environment.
  • Stay in business by reducing fire risk.
Fire Safety Consultancy Services :
  • Fire Safety Consultancy.
  • Fire Engineering Services.
  • Fire Risk Assessments.
  • Fire Safety Auditing.
  • Fire Safety Training.
  • Fire Training Videos & Dvd's.
  • Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service Etc.
  • Fire Safety Logbooks.
  • Domestic & Residential Fire Sprinkler Design Check.
  • Health & Safety Videos & Dvd's.
  • Confined Space Training.
  • Construction Site Videos & Dvd's.
  • Fire Evacuation Mock Drill.

  • Training Course - Basic Fire Fighting :
  • Advertisement.
  • Introduction.
  • Experience.
  • Course Form.
  • Certificate.

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Respiratory ProtectionGet Quotation

Empowered with a team of passionate personnel, we are engaged in offering a broad collection of Washable Mask. The offered Mask is fabricated with the help of high grade fabric and contemporary machines in compliance with set industry norms at our vendor’s end. It is used for preventing germs and bad odor getting inside the mouth in the Laboratory.

Our offered Mask is made available in different colors and sizes as per the information laid down by our clients.

  • Nose Mask
  • Dust Mask
  • Filter Mask
  • Cup Mask
  • Cotton Mask
  • Matti Mask
  • 3M Mask
  • Disposable Mask

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Marine Safety EquipmentGet Quotation
Marine Safety Equipment:
  • Life Buoy.
  • Life Jackets.
  • Immersion Suits.
  • Fire Extinguishers.
  • Fire Hose.
  • Fire Hydrant.
  • Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Fire Proof Dress.
  • Breathing Apparatus.
  • Reflective Dress.
  • Flame Proof Lights.
  • Flame Proof Dress.
  • Helmet.
  • Goggles.
  • Nose Mask.
  • Hand Gloves.
  • Water Proof Shoes.
  • Portable Search Lights. 
  • Revolving Lights.
  • Safety Posters.
  • Ear Plugs.
  • First Aid Box.

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Fire Alarm SystemGet Quotation

Fire Alarm System

  • Fire Alarm Panel Conventional
  • Fire Alarm Panel Addressable
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detector
  • Flame Detector
  • LPG Detector
  • Rate of Rise Detector
  • Beam Detector
  • Manual Call Point
  • Hooter
  • Sounder
  • Sounder with Strobe Light
  • Response Indicator
  • Stand alone Smoke Detector
  • Stand alone Heat Detector
  • LPG Leak Detector


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We are a leading Wholesale Supplier of dry ice cubes from Salem, India.

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